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Women's | Nike Sportswear

The clothing and apparel business is highly competitive and not many names reach the top. So who would have thought that a student and his sports teacher could do the impossible and founded one of the biggest sports and fashion- brand on the planet. Phil Knight finished his studies eager to found a business, importing running sneaker from Japan to America, that was his game-plan. One day he tried to sell the sports shoes to his former teacher. Bill Bowerman didn’t buy but decided to enter the company. Under the Name Nike, the Greek Goddess of Victory they became successful.

In the Women’s field, you can find a large range of Sneakers, from the newest low-top Nike Air Force, a shoe that has become a part of street culture and that is a part of many high fashion designers visions, to modern high-performance running shoes like the Airmax Thea. The second one gets described with words „clean“ and „cute“ by many female customers. „my feet look so small in it“ is another common statement.
The Thea also contains Nike's famous Air Cushioning technology, which is a visual part of the design and the crucial element to guarantee the running experience everybody loves. The air bubble in the midsole is filled with highly compressed gas, which absorbs bumps and releases energy. This sneaker pushes your running results.

Originally only being your Sneaker specialist, Sneakerworld grows every year in the clothing segment.
Explore the latest street- fashion end get limited pieces to upgrade your closet. Increase your streetwear game with selected Nike Women Sportswear Jackets in bold colorways like Gold and Silver.