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Women's | Adidas Originals

It was in the laundry room of his mother were Adolf Dassler worked on his very first shoes, so from the very first-second women influence was a given. At the beginning Adidas was sports orientated, like all big names in the Sneaker game, we know today. Today Adidas stands for Fashion and Sports.

Brazil is one of the most successful Soccer Nations of all times. The Players are known for there brilliant individual technical skillset and the world is guessing were this natural ball control comes from. Some might say it is the samba in the Brazilian genes, a Dance characterized by body control. No wonder Adidas dedicated the Sambarose to the same Body control. One of the futures that this model offers and which is loved by female fans, all around the world, is the extra high rubber sole. An element that gives the little hight bonus so many are looking for. Clearly, the sheer endless and popping color- range helps too, to make it a favorite. A light elegant walk that's what our women clients ask for, and it's not a new thing, no it's a wish that exists from the shoes beginning. If you have an original in mind go for the Adidas Gazelle. For Runner's: the Air Max Thea is your pic! In general: Adidas is always a safe choice!